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Why Nicosia

A Cosmopolitan City Life

Living in Nicosia you can enjoy the perfect blend between sophistication and relaxation and between job opportunities and family life. The city is big enough to offer residents choice in terms of districts to live in, schools to educate your children at, and between shopping malls and restaurants – but it is small enough that you can get to know it and feel at home. Nicosia is an exceptionally friendly place to live and work as well, and it’s a very short drive down a very good motorway to the coast.
Nicosia is the capital city, business and financial centre as well as the administrative heart of the Republic of Cyprus. The fortunate thing is that, Nicosia it is not a disadvantage if you don’t speak Greek. It is an international city with its international companies, international banks, international schools and embassies from all over the world.
Nicosia has museums, galleries, cinemas and hosts theatrical events. You can attend outdoor concerts; dine out at a different restaurant every single night. The city has everything from Marks and Spencer to IKEA as well as a new well-equipped hospital and several private health clinics.
There are a number of very well respected international schools in Nicosia as well as public schools. In addition there are several colleges and private universities as well as the University of Cyprus, one of the two public schools of the island.
If you are looking for perhaps one of the best places to live for the ideal balance between opportunity and lifestyle, you should definitely consider Nicosia.